Thomas said, “Wait. I get it now.”

“What’s that?” Kevin said.

“The Beatles. The Beat-les. Like a beat. That’s why it’s not spelled B-E-E-tles.”

“Ha. Yeah, you…you didn’t know that?”



“Yeah, that spelling annoyed me my whole life. Thought that was just the way the British people spell beetle.”

“It’s beat.”

“Yeah, I know that now.”

“How could you not know that? How old are you?”




“It’s just so obvious. The beat part.”

“I know. It’s just…I missed that.”

“Hey dudes,” Mark said.

“Hey guess what,” Kevin said, “He didn’t get that Beatles, as in The Beatles, is Beat-L-E-S. He thought it was a weird spelling of beetles.”

“What?” Mark said.

“I thought it was the way Brits spelled beetles,” Thomas said.

“That is the way they spell it,” Mark said.

“What? Oh my god,” Kevin said.

“Really?” Thomas said.

“Yeah, that’s the way Brits spell beetles. With an A,” Mark said.

“I’m confused,” Thomas said.

“What’re you guys doing for New Years?” Mark said.

“You’re wrong,” Kevin said.

Mark said, “Wrong about what?”

“About the Beatles. About how the British spell beetles,” Kevin said.

“Oh, I don’t think so.” said Mark.