On Sunday March 20th, 2016, Ken Baumann, Lorian Long and M Kitchell gathered in secret at an undisclosed location in New Mexico. It is said they could see the vapor trails of invisible UFOs in the sky. They drew a card from a deck of ENIGMA STRATEGIES, created by The Institute for Erotic Vertigo. The prompt on their chosen card was “LITERAL SUBTERRANEAN ACTIVITIES.” The following text is a result of the days activities.

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from the burial pit a thought is pulled from its part-playing self
the dirt is neither fixed nor field
october particle, the trees decide what they mean
black bottoms will work
space, a slim portal
through which the soul will go in one language
to become another
under the dirt the sky is absent
body dissolves to rot as a thin wind lifts above the land
worms rush the stage
faith wheezes
the family robed
pale like plaster
somewhere a child is born into its colored self
mother is a word that died long ago
a high bird looks for seed
fresh embarrassment of riches
between women legs
emboldens the child, a latex mannequin
underground the night is an aluminium corpse
fossils sound
black pupil copied in resin
and placed in the ashes of a former sun, inventory of destroyed works
The child is coming.