had a nightmare where i went to a mansion party & the host hired her friends to throw crystal meth in every room of the mansion at the same time, while her other friends went around the mansion locking all the guests inside

the host was a prominent internet fashion and writing icon that was real, but i had never met

i was standing in a hallway and two girls ran then slid on their stomachs letting go of meth rocks at the same time. when the meth hit the ground it started smoking instantly. i ran out a door that hadn’t been locked yet but the host found me & dragged me back into the crystal meth party

at this point in the dream i woke up. i thought “oh shit, this is real, i read an article about it,” then fell back asleep.

i had my shirt over my mouth & nose but still started feeling the crystal meth. i coped with being high by dancing & yelling at the host that she made me relapse. she did not give a fuck, she was excited about her article.

in the women’s bathroom the stalls had circular holes in the doors so you could watch the women pee. all the stalls had front loading washers next to the toilets.

i watched a girl i went to high school with pee while shaking & crying. she told me we were going to be stuck in the meth party for 3 days, that an article was going to be written about it.

i made it my mission in the dream to help this girl have fun on crystal meth. i faintly remember trying to get her to dance, while i was dancing with some type of desperation, like if i stopped moving my heart would explode. i was dancing and telling myself “this is fun you are having fun dancing on crystal meth, if you worry you will die, your heart is already trying really hard.”

i started to picture this party as one where people would be killed, where when it was over no one would have any clothes and everyone would look like they got run over by a train. where people would die in the hallways and where the guests that survived would stop being high after two days, so the last day would be like staying in some horrible type of museum.

i woke up with my arms above my head & a numb face