frontal of house. hear voice yelling at girl walking down street.

voice: hey! hey, you! c’mere!

girl: what. where are you.

voice: c’mere. over to the side of the house.

girl: why. what. who are you even.

voice: just c’mere! come on..

girl: (warily walks up driveway to side of house) okay (looking around)

voice: look down! (a hand flaps out of a basement window)

girl: (crouching down) what are you doing down there.

voice: i’m on punishment. and i’m really bored.

girl: on punishment. why, what did you do.

voice: it was my parents who put me in this doomed cell about two days ago.

girl: but why.

voice: (face becomes visible) because I took some cookies from the kitchen before dinnertime.

girl: so they locked you in the basement.

face: yes.

girl: that is terrible.

face: i know. life is awful. i hate being forced to learn a lesson.

girl: it seems pretty harsh for dessert theft, but i guess you won’t do it again.

face: i wouldn’t really say that.. this method of punishment makes me want some type of revenge. and i’ll probably take more cookies.

girl: but won’t you get punished again. are cookies really worth it.

face: my mom makes a mean chocolate chip.

girl: it’s your life. how much more time do you have left down there.

face: probably four days more. and i want out.

girl: my god, they’re keeping you in a dark basement for a week. how do you deal. can’t your parents get in trouble for this.

face: what do you mean.

girl: this is clearly child endangerment. it’s against the law..

face: you mean i could sue my parents.

girl: most definitely. this is cruel and unusual punishment, and for something so minor.

face: so you mean if i tell the courts how mistreated i am i could get a lot of money.

girl: i guess you could, yeah, but your parents should know that this isn’t okay.

face: and i could put my parents in jail and have the whole house to myself and be really rich.

girl: i don’t know if it works that way, but i guess anything is possible. maybe it would make sense to do some type of family counseling first though.

adult’s voice: (off camera) darling! lunch is ready!

face: (looking in direction of adult’s voice) i’ll be right up, ma!

girl: that’s your mom.

face: (turns to face girl) yeah, so will you help me escape.

girl: escape, how. when.

adult’s voice: i made tuna sandwiches! let’s eat lunch and we can go to the playground afterward.

face: (turns back to direction of adult’s voice) one sec, ma!

adult’s voice: come on, you’ve been playing in the basement all day.

girl: playing, but i thought… (stands up and starts walking away)

face: (to girl) no wait, wait, you’ve gotta help me!

adult’s voice: come on and let’s eat, i made lemonade too!


I wrote this when I was 15 and I feel like I was trying to write a dark fucking rugrats episode or something.