I forget the rest.
  Strangers are catching me smile / the pain is sweet and distracting.

  I’ve been watching your reflection in cloudy places.
Shadowy gesture and parted lips.
I apologize in advance.

  His gestures will be fast uneven or nonexistent ghost
  still warm / we love our sadness
there is empty
space everywhere
I set myself on fire/ you didn’t look at me hard enough.

  hold this flame in your mouth / for me to swallow / colors / yellow / orange / royal blue /
your pain ((shadows we confess to be.)

Go into the fire
I’m sorry you don’t belong
to me / stop / Listen.
lie to survive / this is the answer.
        Turn me over for the question
    try walking on the balls
of your feet / walk faster / walk on the left /
      quick, make sharp turns
    now do you understand?

  Can you teach me?
                Do you really know?
  Walk with me silently into the night.

I can see my flesh now.