Wreck my temporary wrists in the white of the sun
The sun says it is happiness but I get colder
And everything become a stairway to a hospital
And I from self to nature back to self
And dark is the dark of having to be a body
Daylife in the boneyard not my own
The cruel of the mind in the sack of the having to die
The sunlight laughing in my face because it knows
And everything goes tone deaf when it is born
Deaf to the howls of the other side
Blind to the sane of the dead and dying
Sand on the mirror from my last life
Go there honey go under the ground
I who never wished to be free
I see freedom and I am mourning
The shadows of boys in the sun
They are forever and I am melting
Maybe I can be here just this once
Maybe I can eat the part that is dying
Maybe I’ll shit out the minutes
I have been waiting to be split open
I wait for words from the other side
Wings should reveal themselves big and kind
Everyone is crying really hard