The Nothing that is and the Nothing Beneath the Nothing that is…

One Nothing is impossible.Therefore
does the 2nd Nothing exist
to support the first.
In total there are 2 Nothings.
One cannot be subtracted from the other.
One is a stunning Cerulean blue.
But the other is like an opalescent gray.
The structure of reality
is deceptively simple.
Over the door hang 3 pheasants

shot by my own hand.
I intend to roast them
with potatoes and onions
in a sauce composed
of their own blood as the sun
sets on the structure
in which I live with my wife and child
amidst the wild calm.
My son’s name is Gabe.
I’m thinking of him now.

Doors Truly

Black holes or fuckups
Brain like a wet mop
Practice with numb chunks

Hologram date night
Message from dark side
Cursive with sleep-knife

Babble in scream-knots
Sleep ’til the dream clots
Empty machine thoughts

Alone in the cockpit
Huffing on teardrops
In love with my voidbox

Tick tock clock sift slop
Night after night stop
Yours truly, the Vortex