You leave a supermarket

Or your former elementary school

Or a very important business meeting in a

Very important conference room


There is a clan of men

Outside the supermarket

Or elementary school

Or conference room


Who invite you to a party


You accept


Like a movie, you don’t see yourself walking there but

You are there

In the next scene.


At the party

The clan of men says

Let’s play a little game


You notice the other guests implicitly agree

Freely, without question


There is no quiet protest


So you implicitly agree.


The little game starts


The room is separated into two groups

The first group stands on the edge of the room

Each of them is given a placard with “100 percent” on it


You are in the second group, in the center of the room, in a circle

Your face is covered with a burlap cloth


It is blackness

You are not afraid


The clan of men start to speak

As a group

They repeat a call to action

It’s this:


We smash their faces in

Then they disappear


Over and over they say this


The first group

With the 100 percent placards

Are spared.


The clan of men

Use mallets


It doesn’t hurt

When you become gone