it starts with a list of names, maybe



Miami Jenny




Florida. You could name a person that.

  •  an experiment in aspiration



the night Trump won the Florida primary
I was eating crackers. can’t believe
the AP reporter said it in the headline.
the next week she covered the gawker
trial. It was like reading pieces of a
detective novel in the paper. the Trump
one was more like a Robert Hass poem
or a song   like getting between something
& the idea of it




Weird how many articles X writes about

the opioid epidemic & we never say how  the world

is something we keep being a part of  & no one wants to feel.

addiction    is more like an allergy  to me    Most days,

even the bad ones I don’t  hate it here     but I also remember

how it lands   like lead   in you  & comes from //   nowhere  



Sarasota, 1998

One of the years we visited my grandparents in Florida my mom had just taken me to get my hair cut short. The way I chewed on the ends drove her crazy. She gave me a doll of a Pokemon so I would do it. I thought I looked like a boy. I looked like a Beatle. The Pokemon looked like a fox. I remember some things. An argument about chicken hurt my grandmother’s feelings. I don’t think I saw palm trees until they started going there in the Winter. Looking at them from the taxi and the world looked very big and possible. Like how I used to think about Europe before I lived there. It still can be like that. I mostly notice after it rains in Los Angeles. I was bored a lot there, too. I threw fits. But it always felt good in the beginning for no reason.



  • the slowly sinking state




wish South Beach architecture could exist as a font

There should be a better way to hold on to nice buildings


like, between real estate   & a photograph



space through time: $15 to tour
the Fountain of Youth Architectural Park
in St. Augustine. Can you really blame
someone for not wanting to be
the President?



There is a facebook page you can read about florida farm crime

It has a meme that says   which farms get robbed