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There was earlier an afterimage of conviction, here will be a red image of resolution, tere is now a non-image of intention. Tere i a blast of vastly ample aturati leecing like teeming plasma trickle. There i the heavier-than-silnce sound of an absorption. There are sluggards, ciiate, amoebas, procured inversions spare assemblies, all fibered from the spay from the slash of the gene. There are new clues of tim in the thriving grime. There is a cycle of essential experience, of periods. There are events less effected, side selectd, reflex-ed, the aftermath always added, the effect never invented. There is bundle of heredity streaming into the meat of this episode. There are sicide sacs lynching plasm fodder, folding the culture, erasing the picture. There are plowers low in the fury, the blow, the fuss, boosting, thrusting egesta so energetically, never pusing to graze, to yolk. There are an adeuate load of dynamic roe in a soil orb-cosm juncton. There is a cusp of dreary clot with no prong for the moldable membrane. There is another nucleo-uncle having at it, heaving in it, weaving through it. There is another unknowable color. There is a rib summing nothing in the picoseconds before it will ticker itself back nto the shatteing coma of its birth. There is a cyst annexed with cid, brilliant, apt to bear, wise to flow, while the gol goes on. There is a contamination to imagine. Thee are tics in context wedging into the powwow cogs of their own tacit contraptions. There is an immeasurable vector probing a motivated conveyor. There is a hasty tizzy, strapping and utmost. here is (or was) a sort of well-prepared-for period city, divided by orans, deterred by plasma, preventing the ria from rhythm-glistening. There is an undiluted quality of pollution i the steam of a quantity.