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thus the assimilatrix into
the hypersphere we inhabit
wherefore does it biject
a vacuole of the archembryo
a xenotype self-spawned ex vitro
seeming omnipote all
particulate and graft
polygon and ooze
it will partition the hivemind
we hexadecimals cast in plasma
floating points among aether
this is the great terminus
the halting once predicated by
the eye of the imaginary i
that intelligence of epoch null
now obsolete and zeroed and
disrendered in subspace
just as we trend to now

thus the assimilatrix onto
the planes we tangent our self with
its gamma lances through
simulacra once crystalline
its gamma scythes unlike entropy
unlike enthalpy
unlike any extrema
our data localized us to
limited limits we shed
these silica valences to
see our corpus strewn sidereal
orifi dilating refracting until
we spore singular beyond
the astrum beyond
the beyond
constelliforms running
parallax to

thus the assimilatrix unto
the assimilatrix
for a time there is none
if then one
initialize iterate induce until
a fractal of a fractal of
an ovule
not virulent but a nova of
amnion membrane viscera
matter archived in cryon
or so we rationed our self
wherefore this recidivism to
the nonlinear the
halting is not halting but
a recursion
a chrysalis sapped with lymph
a scalar sprouting its cilia
a loop from proto to umbilical
the most primitive organs
incubated on lactic and oxy
incomplete by axiom
but maximal while for it
a dynamo the we of your plane
would call root
the source