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Does anyone really have a home anymore? You go to a location that is sure to be as expected, the conditions right and without any cause for alarm. You go that location having left it earlier and now you return. Your return is nothing special. If the location is shared, those sharing it with you are not surprised or concerned when you return. What is home when chaos begins to seep through the cracks?

Midnight is full of closed spaces people return to and frequently reside. From one location to the next, their stay is inevitably temporary.

It might be forever midnight but people still move.

They cannot get past the momentum, the voice telling:

Do something.
Do something.
Do something.

Nomadic are the ways of the numb.

At midnight, there will be a localized war within oneself where the chaos is in fighting to get to sleep. And home, it is nowhere but the moment.

The voice calling might be yours… but you don’t listen.

The character has watched it happen over and over again. There is no listening to the voice inside; the voice is calling you home, but you are to busy doing something.

What are you doing?


1. You’re doing something.
2. There is a tendency to purge.
3. You desire to do something else.
4. You can’t ever sleep.
5. What time is it?