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One time at a party this boy I knew somewhat vaguely from high school–like I remembered his hair, or like I’d seen it before, but I didn’t recognize him or know his name–approached me and started asking about physics because I guess he assumed that I knew a lot about that subject since apparently that was what class we had shared and in which I naturally earned an A, while this fellow had garnered himself a C-, so he said, but I said that I knew little about physics besides the basics that we learned in said class–velocity, gravity, acceleration, centripetal force, etc.–and this boy whose name escapes me still even now laughed and said, Oh yeah I don’t remember any of that shit either, then he said, So I was thinking, maybe we could step out of this party for a bit? and I was all like Huh? And I said so just like that, I said Huh? and this dude, this dude, he said, Come on, I heard you were DTF, so let’s go, baby, and I unfortunately knew what DTF meant, or perhaps it was unfortunate for this boy with whom I was definitely not DTF, cause I said so, I said, Huh.