Last Ten


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One summer we sheet-rocked a garden shed

so bad the neighbor near the cow field

came by and whistled when he saw it


You’re supposed to belly-band it

he told us

and kicked at our chalky scraps


We brought a joint over later

during the stock car race

and smoked it listening to the wind

chimes clinking on the porch


There were mean dogs

all down that road


We heard trees fall

in the woods at night

and peed outside our tent


I bled inside that tent

reading Red Juice


We dragged a futon mattress into it

and had too-loud sex

during the Mother Mary gatherings


Later on

when it was all falling apart


we watched one of the old women

come out of the house and call for us in the dark


You zipped the flap of it up

so slowly


It was sexy


You had been practicing