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A sleeveless t-shirt can be a Wife Beater.
A sleeveless and suit-less young lady is probably in need of long,
white gloves.
A women’s suit is called the Power Suit.
Without a suit, you only get bruises.

If your pants are too tight, a Camel Toe might turn into the worst tailgater.
Only on this occasion, it’s not about the lovely lady humps, it’s about the toe so we might as well bedazzle that nail.
If you decide to place a tattoo on a certain part of your back, they say you have the Tramp Stamp. If you look it up in a thesaurus, a Tramp is also called a Bag Lady. The Bag Lady collects many tiny men and puts them in her bag. Warning: To avoid danger of suffocation, keep this bag away from tiny men. This bag is not a toy.
If you ditch the power and wear denim on denim, you know it’s time to be young, be dope, be proud like a Canadian Tuxedo.

You can turn into a Fashion Victim so quickly for so many reasons.

But how can women be women
when fashion makes us schoolgirls?

The problem is that
when they say you can
wear whatever you want
it’s true but they lie
because technically of course you can
but being a certain type of CEO
will be difficult when you choose
crop tops and circle skirts.

The truth is
I desperately want us to be there.

The truth is
we aren’t there yet.

The truth is
we can’t have that much if they want us
to look bohemian and dreamy.

The truth is
it feels like
they truly want us to be
forever twenty one

and I find that problematic.