Last Ten



Sem, I Can Draw Your Hair

Semantha, I can draw you very well
I can draw your hair on the way to the airport
it’s daytime
you are glowing like a sandwich
in the lunchtime sun
Semantha, you are leaping
into the future
I am floating by a window
hair gets in my eyes
but I can see you
you are glowing like a first thought
in the lunchtime sun


I Am Love

illuminated birds fly above
the government building
a photo of Shania Twain
sticks proudly to the dashboard of the cab
I thought the birds were angels
I thought the cab driver was an angel
I thought I had love to give
but I don’t
on my pointed nose
I catch a halo
it spins in front of my face


Lit By Mood

my mood is a clown tent in the moonlight
a burning cabin keeping me warm
but in reality I am trying to escape this party
to fall asleep under the guests’ coats
I feel the weight of all my friends’ coats
I feel the weight of the world of the coats of my friends
like a clown tent in the night


Poem After Ashley

my life is rich with tables
and interesting table ware
glasses with bees
in relief, so you can feel the bees