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Perhaps the rule is meant to say to us, “If you find yourself having to choose between killing an innocent person and preserving your own life, you have already chosen wrong.” Perhaps the rule is meant to warn us that the contours of darkness and war are often indistinct—and by the time we see that war has swallowed us whole, it’s usually too late.

— Rosa Brooks on the trial of Dražen Erdemović

false bottoms

splitting time  btwn 2 worlds
but  most of it in the one
where the  Hwasong-12s
don’t make contact

some calculus: solve for a
loc., missile type, range, apogee* /a(1+e)

American Apocalyptica
makes me sick   & i’m contributing

another email from M
over there people are so desensitized –

she gets shy abt her English
& I love helping her

so idk  do u always
have to carry the vulgar
anthropological piece
around w/ u

there’s asymmetry in that   too

at the end of the Anabasis
the army reaches the Black Sea

& turns back.   the choice
to keep up the confused war

doesn’t rly feel  like a choice
&  that’s the point

or maybe its what quinta
wrote in a tweet. yr trying
to read grief into violence  again
pulling numbly @ its threads
etc etc